The MX-4 Multi-exerciser From Rogers Atheltic


The new Standard in Rehabilitative Exercise Equipment

The  MX-4 is a Modular, Adaptable Strength training tool built for an adaptive population. The  goal was to create a multi- station strength training system, that was wheelchair accessible, but one that did not compromise the demands of performance athletes.

Built by Rogers Athletics, Tyler Hobson, and steel donated by the Semper-Fi Fund, the MX-4 provides the same incredible strength curves found in the highly successful Pendulum strength training line. Redesigned  for wheelchair-bound athletes, the MX-4 is a heavy-duty modular training tool built for the toughest athlete or soldier.

And like them, it's built to last. 

The MX-4 is built from 11-gauge American Steel tooled and engineered to specific tolerances and adherence to the highest manufacturing processes for strength training equipment. With a LIFETIME warranty on frames and welds.

The MX-4 can be customized per trainee and is adaptable based on an individual's specific limitations




Standard upper body exercises: Chest Press, Shoulder/ Upright Press, and 3-way Row





Provides a motorized adjustable pulley with limitless exercise implications