How would you feel if Strength Training was taken away from you? 

What started as a conversation between a therapist and a trainer led to fulfilling one soldier's dream.


Josh Himan was injured in Afghanistan when an IED blew up his Humvee, killing 16 of his fellow soldiers. Josh survived and spent 18 months in therapy and recovery at the former Walter Reed Military Hospital.

His  therapists,  worked regularly with Josh trying to increase his strength and mobility. Josh made strides,  but the injuries he sustained in Afghanistan left him paralyzed from the chest down with only limited use of one hand.

Josh learned how to function in his new capacity, but there was one thing that he truly missed. Prior to the accident, he was a gym rat and worked out regularly 5 to 6 days a week. Now working out was a chore, limited mainly to his therapy sessions, and always involved someone else. One  therapist  would say, "it is the one thing I just could not give him." 

The equipment Josh needed did not exist.

Sunir Jossen, a Masters level certified trainer and athlete, had extensive education and knowledge regarding strength training and proper biomechanics. He knew Josh needed something more  and contacted his dear friend and colleague, Tyler Hobson, for his advice. Tyler works for Rogers Athletics, and is known for building  the best strength training equipment available. The equipment Tyler builds is used  by  most major college and professional football strength programs. Rogers athletics employs  top notch designers and has a first rate manufacturing plant that  can build virtually anything. Rogers Athletics agreed to lend their time, their expertise  and their entire family to our special project. We had a team, we had a dream, we had a vision,  and now we had  a  special place to build our prototype. 


Semper Fi, a charitable organization that provides assistance to wounded soldiers, stepped in and donated the funds to  help move our project along.  Without Semper Fi,  the project may never have left the design phase. Semper Fi not only provided the funds,  but also  became a true partner to our project.   Our dream became a reality, and our project took on a life of its own. 

Six months later  a prototype was built, and the team assembled at the Rogers Athletics  plant in Clare, Michigan, to  fit and test Josh for his new machine. The weekend was a great opportunity  to meet and to finalize the equipment settings for Josh. We also enjoyed the amazing tour of the Rogers Athletics plant.  

In the spring of 2013,  a shiny red and gold Pendulum Adaptive Strength Training System, the first ever built, was delivered to Josh in his home in Woodbridge, Virginia. Our project was complete, but it was just the start of our new journey. Warrior Medical and Fitness was formed to continue to help those in need and allow access to exercise for those who are wheelchair bound or have special needs. 

Together, a special team fullfilled a soldier's dream  and built a truly unique exercise machine. The Pendulum Adaptive Strength Training System is a remarkable training tool for anyone in a wheelchair or with special needs or limitations.    


Josh Himan with Tyler Hobson at Rogers Athletic

Josh Himan with Tyler Hobson at Rogers Athletic

The Gym is something that’s been taken from me.